Construction Notice – 4/30/2019



Contact:           Alexander R. Yockey P.E., Civil Engineer II, (231) 922-4468

E. Eighth St. Closure

TRAVERSE CITY- The City of Traverse City, Gourdie-Fraser, Inc. and Elmer’s Crane and Dozer will begin the E. Eighth St. Reconstruction Project on Monday, May 6, 2019. The project is expected to be completed the week of October 14th. The project limits are on E. Eighth St. between Boardman Ave. and Woodmere Ave. The work includes total reconstruction of the street with a three lane configuration, off street cycle track adjacent to the sidewalk, Mid-block crosswalks and street trees with site amenities such as benches and trash receptacles. Lighting improvements include pedestrian scale lighting for the cycle track and sidewalk in addition to safety lighting for vehicular traffic. Utilities include 24” dia. water main, new sanitary sewer and storm sewer with low impact design considerations.

E. Eighth St. will be closed to all traffic between Boardman Ave. and Woodmere Ave. Detours for motorists and pedestrians will be provided. The Boardman Ave., Wellington St., Franklin St., and Railroad Ave. intersections will be closed to through traffic at E. 8th St. during the project. All businesses are open and can be accessed utilizing the alley north of E. Eighth St. and Station St. south of the project area. E. Eighth St. may be open to traffic prior to final completion based on progress and safety considerations.

Regular updates on project progress can be found at: http://www.8thstreettc.info/.

Please use alternate routes avoiding this area to reduce congestion, delay and promote worker safety. Appropriate signage and barricades will be in place in and around the work area.

This construction will generate dust, noise and cause inconvenience. We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation. Please feel free to call Alexander Yockey at 922-4468 if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the work or the schedule.


Property Paperwork

We will be making calls, sending emails, and going door-to-door in the next few days to get the final paperwork completed. All 8th Street frontage property owners received a postcard in January and an informational project easement preview packet in February via regular mail – please call or email our project team if you’d like to schedule a time to finish your paperwork: Brian Boals – brianb (at) gfa.tc, 231.313.4863, or Heather Brady – heather (at) gfa.tc, 231.932.5531. Thank you!

Street Closure Signs

Last week the city placed digital signs along 8th Street that say “Street Closed May 6 – October 18”. The dates posted on these signs reflect the dates in the construction contract. Construction time periods can vary widely depending on a variety of factors – material availability, weather, etc. Please know that these dates are just an estimate, and we will post construction updates regularly once we are into active construction.

Construction Contract Approved!

The city commission approved the contract for project construction last night, so everything is moving ahead. Here is a link to the Ticker story from this morning. We’re looking forward to working with Team Elmer’s to make this a great project. Thank you to all the 8th Street area property owners and business owners (as well as other project supporters and stakeholders) who have been with us on this journey, willing to work through all the layers of complicated issues, and helped us get this project so far so fast.

As we move into this new phase we’ll be reorganizing this site, archiving more of the project history and moving other construction-related items to the forefront.

Project is out to bid!

The 8th Street Reconstruction project is out to bid, with bids due April 4. These bids will be reviewed and final project parameters will be discussed at the April 15th City Commission meeting.

As you have likely noticed from the last two city commission meetings, the city is discussing a change from a July project construction start to a May project construction start. We will not have a definite start date until a bidder has been selected and a schedule is confirmed with the winning bidder. However, if you use 8th Street regularly it would be wise to start getting to know the alternate routes now just in case we end up with an earlier start date.

8th Street business owners – Please scroll down the Businesses page, we’ve added a detour map you can customize for your own use as well as some other suggestions.

February 14, 2019

Easement outreach is underway! Our team is committed to a high-level outreach effort at each stage of this project. To that end, we’re developing individual packets of information for each property owner with 8th Street frontage between Boardman Ave. and Railroad Ave. These are going out in various ways – some we are delivering in person, some have been mailed, and some are being emailed (as per the owner’s request). We’re not finished – so if you’re reading this and haven’t yet received a packet you will be seeing it soon.

These initial property owner packets provide an overview of the project, its impact on the individual property, and the type of easement requested. Once everyone has received their initial packet we will be circling back to each property owner to finalize arrangements.

In the meantime, design work is continuing on the underground infrastructure and the engineering plan set. We anticipate the next public meeting opportunity will be a city commission meeting, and when we know the date for that meeting we will post it here.

Thank you to everyone for your patience as we work through the layers of detail required for this project – we appreciate your support and dedication to the future of 8th Street!

Upcoming Meeting Note: North Boardman Lake District Meeting – Feb. 18 – 8 am at The Box