Envision 8th Plan Elements

You can access a full copy of the plan here.

Process Overview

In 2014, the City of Traverse City received a petition from a group of business owners residents asking that the City Commission try a low-cost solution, on a temporary basis to re-stripe Eighth Street with a different configuration from Woodmere Avenue to Lake Avenue.  The letter attached to the petition requested the newly configured striping for the street occur prior to the City investing considerable expenses with the planned re-construction of Eighth Street.

In September 2014, the City re-striped Eighth Street from a four-lane street to a three-lane street as a one-year pilot project. After conducting an opinion survey and reviewing a traffic study analyzing the impacts of the lane reconfiguration, the City decided to implement the three-lane configuration of Eighth Street. In 2016, the City hired a consultant to lead the community through a charrette design process for the Eighth Street corridor to decide how the street would be re-built. The Envision Eighth Master Plan was adopted by the City in February 2017.

In July 2018 an RFP for Eighth Street engineering services was issued and a contract was awarded to Gourdie-Fraser in September 2018 to conduct engineering services to implement the Envision Eighth Master Plan for the Woodmere-Boardman section. It is expected that the street will be reconstructed in Spring 2019.


Envision 8th Street Plan Image (Above)


Existing conditions

This site focuses on Phase 3 (8th Street between Boardman and Woodmere Avenues) – which is the segment currently moving into construction. This phase includes additional water main work on Franklin Street, 8th Street, and Webster Street.


In 2016 the City hired the consulting firm of Farr and Associates, LLC to complete a public input design charrette including a schematic design and report for the 8th Street redesign, to transform 8th Street into the center of the North Boardman Lake District (NBLD). This emerging District is the focus of significant east-west connections – current and ongoing city planning projects (outside the scope of the 8th St. Reconstruction) include the Boardman Lake Trail, 8th Street, and the West Boardman Lake District.

In January 2019 the project area was shortened, and the plans will cover 8th Street from Boardman Avenue to Railroad Avenue.

The Envision8th Street Section Design

Transitioning from a primarily auto-oriented corridor to encourage multiple forms of mobility, the new street section design includes improved pedestrian facilities, off-street cycle facilities and optimized vehicle travel lanes. The preferred, three-lane street section allows for a continuous flow of traffic with uninterrupted vehicle turns. The off-street, raised cycle-track is a safe, attractive format for all ability levels, including inexperienced younger riders.


Envision8th Intersections


Envision8th Mid-Block Crossings


Envision8th Landscape Plan