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8th Street Business Owners – We’ve created this page to help you plan for the upcoming reconstruction project. As we get closer to construction more and more information will publish on this site. We encourage you to sign up for email updates (see the link at the bottom of the site).

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GFA Project Manager: Brian Boals, PE – brianb (at); 231.313.4863

GFA Construction Technician: Blain Scheller – blain (at); 231.313.0590

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Please note: Once we are into active construction we expect that the street closure will appear on to the main Google map page.

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City Engineering FAQ

Project Background – Business Owners

This project includes the reconstruction of 8th Street from Boardman to Railroad, with a bit of associated necessary infrastructure work on Franklin. Please see the Plans page or Major Milestones for more details.

Jan. 3 2019 – we mailed the property owners (i.e., those with 8th Street frontage in this area), a postcard to notify them of the project planning process and a note that we would be in touch soon. (Goal date of Jan. 20, 2019) Since that time we have been taking calls from the property owners who have called or emailed, and noting the best way to contact them.

Jan. 28 2019 – Due to plan changes/review our property owner packets are not finished at this time. However, we hope that they will be available within the next week. These packets will be customized to the individual parcels, and give you an idea of exactly what impact this project may have on your property. Once the packets are ready we’ll start making calls.

Feb/Mar 2019 – We have continued outreach to frontage property owners along 8th Street. By the end of February every frontage property has been contacted with their detailed packet, and asked for their informal project support. We have continued to take calls and emails from property owners and other interested parties. Our team worked on detailed easement descriptions for each frontage property and the next step will be followup with the completed easement agreements.

Mar/Apr 2019 – We are continuing to work on easement paperwork with property owners, following up on the initial packets we sent out. Please note that due to peculiarities with various properties, your easement may be different from other properties nearby.

May 2019Special Improvement District Map link posted here, as requested by City Engineering.

Other Associated City Planning Information


Aerial of Existing Phase 3 Section

As you can see from the sections of Envision 8th that have already been completed (in the area of Lake Avenue), this street redesign includes a lot of new elements. The city is also planning a form-based code update* for this corridor, please watch the city planning page for details.

(*The Envision Eighth Charrette process yielded a draft Form-Based Code document that has not yet been fully vetted by the Planning Commission, nor adopted by the City. A subcommittee of the Planning Commission was formed in late Summer of 2018 to review the draft Form-Based Code and make recommendations to the Planning Commission for consideration. 

What is Form-Based Code? A Form-Based Code is a means of regulating land development to achieve a specific urban form. Form-Based Codes foster predictable built results and a high-quality public realm by using physical form as the organizing principle, with a lesser focus on land use, through municipal regulations.)